Tax Forms, Schedules, and Worksheets

My accountant gave me my final tax return today. 25 pages of pain. Long gone are the days of the 1040EZ. I’ve graduated to multiple forms. This return includes forms 8879, 9325, 1040-V, 1040, 1040 Schedule D, 2848, 6251, 8801, W-2, 1099-R, and various worksheets. And I don’t even itemize. My economic innocence is gone. These days, I keep the numbers for a lawyer and an accountant close at hand. The government is after my money and an unsavory French corporation is after my employer, our engineering notebooks, our source code, and our time. Sometimes I wonder if its worth the money, especially since the IRS is taking much of it. Oh well, at least my accountant got me a bigger AMT reversal than I had expected. I actually get to keep some money this year.