State of the Belly

Yes, I’m still alive. I have been very preoccupied and busy lately. At work, we’ve reached the final month of testing and bugfixing before releasing the next version of our SONET/SDH Multiservice Platform. This has been eating much of my time. Most of the remainder of my time has been spent at the gym. Step aerobics, Pilates mat, Pilates Allegro, and ballet, as well as lots of cardio and weightlifting have brought me back down to very near my old wrestling competition weight and form. I’m a solid hunk of muscle now. Perhaps I’ll post some new pictures to show off the leaner me. You should see what step aerobics and ballet will do to your legs. Anyway, I’ve gotten very good at step aerobics and occasionally substitute teach and try out choreagraphy for my instructors. My how life throws up the unexpected. This is not something I ever imagined I would be doing.

With all of this exercise, it seems I will have to abandon my manifesto. While the belly is still fuzzy, there isn’t really much of it left anymore. Oh well, personal philosophies have notoriously short shelf lives.

I’m also doing more work on the reef aquarium. I just got through plumbing a five stage RO/DI water purification system and a couple of water holding and circulating tanks. I’ll provide the gory details on that some time soon for those of you who visit here to read about the fish.

So, with all of this going on, has been sidelined for a brief interval. But, I’ll be upgrading the network to Red Hat Linux 7.3, adding some more drives to the disk farm, testing and hacking on GNOME, and doing other computer related activities this weekend, so I’ll probably make some time to actually put up some content here on the front page while I’m at it.

Let’s see, what other boring personal trivia can I assault you with? I saw Spider-man last night and now want to be a superhero when I grow up. I bought an Intel QX3 Video Microscope at a closeout price to add to my microscope collection. I’m spending a good portion of my leisure time informally studying marine invertebrate biology. Fascinating stuff. I have more hobbies than I have the money and time needed to pursue them.

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  1. Well I was beginning to worry. I check every day to get my nuggets of wisdom and was thinking that maybe the government ferreted you away. But, I never thought you were the one who was driving around assaulting unknowing postal workers with pipe bombs! Well, maybe for a minute…but it was fleeting at BEST.

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