Israeli police escort activists from Bethlehem church

Israeli police escort activists from Bethlehem church

Several helmeted Israeli police officers entered the Church of the Nativity on Friday. They emerged a few minutes later escorting 10 foreign activists who had been holed up inside.

Some people will do anything for an opportunity to “Go perfectly limp, and be carried away.” All of the terrorists have been cleared out of the Church of the Nativity, but some “activists” lingered with no purpose other than to have their sorry asses dragged out of the place. It’s the principle of the thing you know. No good activist leaves the scene under his own power and without leaving heel marks on the floor. Israel should have pullled out without even giving them a backward glance. The Grand March isn’t so grand when nobody is watching and nobody cares.

Oh Mother, dear Mother,
no, I’m not afraid.
For I’ll go on that march
and I’ll return a virgin maid.
With a brick in my handbag
and a smile on my face
and barbed wire in my underwear
to shed off disgrace.

One day they were marching.
A young man came by
with a beard on his cheek
and a gleam in his eye.
And before she had time
to remember her brick…
they were holding a sit-down
on a nearby hay rig.

For meeting is pleasure
and parting is pain.
And if I have a great concert
maybe I won’t have to sing those folk songs again.
Oh Mother, dear Mother
I’m stiff and I’m sore
from sleeping three nights
on a hard classroom floor.

One day at the briefing
she’d heard a man say,
“Go perfectly limp,
and be carried away.”
So when this young man suggested
it was time she was kissed,
she remembered her brief
and did not resist.