Time Impact Pedals

I’ve been riding the new Time Impact pedals for a few months now. They’ve been good. They’re very adjustable and comfortable, and I’ve had no problems clipping in or out. The cleat is fairly walkable for a road cleat. What more can you say of a pedal? Oh, they’re pretty light too.

Despite my satisfaction with the Impacts, I’d still like to try out Shimano’s new Lance Pedal. They were latched to Lance’s feet when he won his latest Tour, after all. They now have that championship mystique and are finally becoming available to us wannabes. Actually, the Lance factor doesn’t matter much to me. I just think they look comfy, and the cleat seem very walkable. A walkable cleat doesn’t matter much to a pro rider who never gets off the bike and never has to walk home because of mechanical problems. It does matter to those of us who bike around town and make stops for coffee, chitchat with friends, and roadside repairs.