Treo 600

The girlfriend got a Treo 600 for Christmas (actually she got it early, a couple weeks ago). Very nifty. The web browser is adequate for checking email, searching on Google, and posting weblog entries. It had a problem laying out SquirrelMail properly due to the Squirrel’s left hand column, so I installed Hastymail which renders quickly and nicely on the small screen.

A feature that I love is the ability to run SSH over the cellular network. I can SSH into my Linux machines at home and do server maintenance. I can tunnel through the firewall at work and check email. That is, I can do these things when my girlfriend lets me play with the Treo. It’s her toy, not mine. I’m just the webmail support staff.

On the down side, the camera is pitiful and the display is rather low resolution. The Treo isn’t targetted as a camera phone, however, and the screen is still serviceable. Overall, it’s a good handheld Google engine and email retriever with nice phone/PDA integration. The voice quality and battery life are good and the form factor is best of class.