Moving House

This week and the last were dedicated to moving. Moving is always absolutely no fun. Even though we rid ourselves of a lot of things, including most of our old furniture, we still had too much stuff to move. You don’t realize how much junk you have until you move it. I didn’t realize how many books I had until they were packed away into about fifty boxes. Boxes of books are heavy. 115 gallon aquariums are really heavy.

But, it’s all moved now. Our efforts are now going into getting the new house to our liking. We demolished the 1970s era built-ins in the master closet, refinished and repainted the walls, and installed overpriced Elfa shelving. It looks pretty damn nice now, and I can actually find all of my stuff.

I placed GFCI receptacles in all bathrooms and rewired several outlets as parallel rather than serial while I was at it. I also added a new receptacle to the closet that I chose as the server closet. The two computers used as the web, mail, file, NIS, DNS servers are stuffed in here.

I have two more rooms to paint, including my office. I need to get the paint up soon so I can put up the bookcases and shelve those fifty boxes of books.

A new dishwasher has already been installed, and some of the new furniture will arrive later this week, including a pop-up plasma entertainment center. It has a mechanical lift that allows a plasma TV to be called up from the depths of the cabinet at the push of a button. Totally unnecessary, but what the hell.

We’re now shopping for faucets, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and other glamorous items. This is an odd experience. Owning a home and acting the part of home owner makes me realize that I’m all grown up now. When did I become an adult? When did I become the guy interested in faucets?