Cruft-FreeURLs, Everywhere

WordPress development continues apace. I landed several permalink enhancements. The post permalink structure now allows %category% tags, a much requested item. %author% tags are coming soon. The rewrite rules WordPress generates are now more robust and able to handle a greater variety of permalink structures. PATH_INFO support for permalinks has been extended to post feeds, post comment feeds, trackbacks, site feeds, and site comment feeds. This means that all permalinks generated by WordPress can be serviced by PATH_INFO rather than mod_rewrite. Those who don’t have mod_rewrite or who simply don’t want to bother with it can happily use PATH_INFO instead.

Page links are now cruft-free. Append /page/1 to any post, category, date, or author permalink to see the first page worth of posts. Append /page/2 for the second page.

Feed links have also been extended. Appending /feed, /rss2, /rss, /rdf, or /atom to any permalink will serve up the requested syndication feed. Feeds by year, month, day, post, author, category, and any combination thereof are possible. Any WordPress query can be served up as a feed.

With the next release, every link generated by WordPress should be cruft-free.

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