David Byrne Live

I just returned home from watching David Byrne perform at the Bass Hall in Fort Worth. I must resort to expletives to describe a David Byrne concert, “Fucking Great!” He can work a crowd and lay down a groove. Live music, especially such exhuberant live music, is good for the soul. And you have not really heard “Once in a Lifetime”, “And She Was”, “Psycho Killer”, “Life During Wartime” or other Heads’ classics until you hear them live. David is good about throwing in old gems from the Talking Heads and his early solo career as well as the new stuff. Besides the aforementioned Heads’ tunes, he played a killer groove tune from “The Catherine Wheel” as well as most of my favorites from “Look into the Eyeball”. He had a string section from Austin playing with the band on almost every tune, and it worked wonderfully.

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