Digital Retro

I’m thumbing through my recently delivered copy of Digital Retro. Digital Retro looks back at home computerw and game consoles from the MITS Altair 8800 of 1975 to the NeXT Cube (the machine that ran the world’s first web server) of 1988.

The book profiles many old favorites, providing specifications, company history, and historical context for each. It’s a nostalgia trip for any geek who was around in the 80s. Not every system is mentioned, however. You might find that a much-loved or much-hated former system of yours isn’t listed. The PCJr , for example, is not mentioned. I wonder why. 😉 Heh, flops deserve their places in history too.

Digital Retro is a nice addition to the well-kept or not so well-kept engineer’s home. Put it on the coffee table (or on top of the junk that’s on the coffee table). Invite co-workers over. Reminisce about the old frontier days.