Steel Is Real

I’ve been indulging my knife fetish lately, adding three knives to the collection. I’m trying out the Spyderco Dodo as my everyday carry knife. The Dodo has a G-10 handle and a CPM-S30V blade with a very unique shape. Also unique on the Dodo is Spyderco’s new ball-bearing lock. Very nice knife.

The KISS integral frame-locking knives from Columbia River Knife & Tool are quite nifty. Their simplicity is elegant and becoming. I pocket this when I want something lightweight and low profile.

For late night walks with the dog, I’ll slip on a Benchmade tether knife. Since it is fairly small and matte black, it remains inconspicuous at night even when worn over the clothes.

I’ve got my eye on some other knives, notably the Emerson Karambit series and the Spyderco Yojimbo. ‘Tis time to knock the rust of my martial blade craft skills. I haven’t been practicing. Now where did I put those trainers?