Ungreedy Rewrite Plugin

If you are unsuccessfully trying to use %category% tags in your post permalink structure with Apache 1.3 and the Reduced Rewrite Plugin is not your style, try the Ungreedy Rewrite Plugin.

Some mod_rewrite implementations (particularly in Apache 1.3) make regular expressions greedy by default. These same implementations usually don’t support the reluctant modifier (‘?’) either. This presents a problem for permalink structures that use the %category% tag since the regular expression for this tag gobbles up characters when run in greedy (non-reluctant) mode. The Ungreedy Rewrite Plugin works around this by using an alternative regular expression for %category% that employs a limited, non-greedy character set. The drawback to this is that i18n URIs are not supported. If your blog is non-English, these rules may not work for you.

6 thoughts on “Ungreedy Rewrite Plugin

  1. i have activated this plug-in, but it is not giving expected results.

    i am expecting that i can use the

    as a permalink to an individual entry.

    this is giving me a WP 404 error.

    I have tried several other strategies/hacks/ideas (from support site) at this point, but none is working.

    is it possible to have /%category%/%postname%/ on Apache 1.3 using your plug-in?

    Are there other tricks to mix with this?

  2. i tried the Reduced rewrite, and still no joy.

    I have tried using /%category%/%post_id%/ as well as category/postname…

    if people have these plugins working to use category in permalink, with Apache 1.3.x- i want to try and finger out what is the difference between my set-up and theirs(!)


    I’ve tried with my theme and with default theme, no joy. no joy.

  3. I also tried even hand modify .htaccess file, no way it works.

    I’m having alo very trouble with adding non variable text to permalinks.

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