Custom Post Templates Plugin

The Custom Post Templates Plugin allows you to give individual posts their own template. To give the post with ID 3 its own template, add single-3.php to your theme. This plugin can be modified to do a number of additional tricks. Example code is provided if you want to give posts belonging to a certain category their own template.

11 thoughts on “Custom Post Templates Plugin

  1. […] I think that’s it. Oh, if you need help or information on WordPress templates, I’d suggest looking through the WordPress Codex articles on Templates and Themes. Update [Aug-21-2005]: R1.1 fixes a bug where if no “single-cat” template exists, single.php (if there’s one with the theme) fails to load by default (Thanks Aeos for catching it!). This update also attempts to step around a conflict with Ryan Boren’s Custom Post Template plugin. Update [Feb-26-2006]: R1.2 Verifies that my Category Template Inheritor plugin is active, and if it is it attempts to find a $template_name-category parent ID.php template (that is, a template for the parent category (if it has one) of the post’s category). […]


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