Feed Director Plugin

Yet another rewrite plugin. The Feed Director Plugin provides rewrite rules for common feed filenames used by other blogging platforms. Files such as index.xml, index.rdf, rss.xml, rss2.xml, atom.xml, *.xml are directed to the appropriate WP handler. This works for mod_rewrite as well as WP’s internal rewriter.

With this plugin, the feed links from your previous blogging platform will continue to work. Even if not using it to aid migration, the plugin can be handy for publishing your feeds in some commonly searched places. All of WP’s usual feed URIs will continue to work.

20 thoughts on “Feed Director Plugin

  1. Having trouble installing this. I put feed_director.phps in my plugin directory but nothing showed. tried taking of the s on php but that borked everything up.

  2. This plug-in does not work on WordPress 2.0.2 by my experience with it. I’m pulling my hair out trying to get a feed output that Technorati can find. Also every time I write a new post I have to renew my feed with Feedburner as well, I get it working one day, then the very next post I write it won’t update itself.

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