Reef Aquarium

While on the subject of fish, here are some old photos of the reef tank. It’s been awhile since I trotted out aquarium photos.

8 thoughts on “Reef Aquarium

  1. wow! Great pics! I used to have a small coral reef tank while in college. I’m hoping to get a tank setup again soon, but this time I’m gonna start with a freshwater planted setup. The reef tank kinda put a big dent in my pocket…

  2. I love them! They are so beautiful and so colorful. Wow… I wanted to become a photographer but I “heard” it doesn’t pay much. Your pictures are just … wow…

  3. The rocks and walls are encrusted in non-articulated coralline algae, which is pink. Two of the largetst corals are completely pink, and many other corals and fish have hints of pink and purple. Reef tanks often have a preponderence of pink. The camera tends to bring out the pink even more. I’m too lazy to correct for it.

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