Independent Fabrication

I just dropped some dime on an Independent Fabrication steel track frame. I did the fitting at my local bike shop. The measurements have been sent to IF so that they can get started building me a custom frame. I’ll be riding this at the Superdrome. No brakes, no gears, just pure ass-hauling through the 44 degree banks.

I’m thinking about a shark grey pearl fade to platinum for the color scheme. I thought about a ruby red to platinum fade, but I already have several red bikes; time for a change. The shark grey pearl has strong hints of blue in it. I think a fade from that to platinum will look pretty spiff.

I haven’t decided on the components yet. I typically ride Dura drivetrains, but I might change that up too. The shop is going to put together some different kits for me to consider.

Independent Fabrication is becoming very popular with local riders. A lot of the bike shop employees are getting IFs. One guy has a gorgeous cyclocross frame with a purple paint job featuring very subtle “ghost” flames. You don’t notice them at first, but then the light hits them and the flames spark.

4 thoughts on “Independent Fabrication

  1. nice bike! i’m a singlespeed and fixed-gear Surly rider, myself. one of these days i’ll have the money for a IF.


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