While in Austin this weekend, I spent four hours on Town Lake auditioning kayaks. I’m looking to buy a touring kayak after having finally gotten permission from the boss. I’ve tried out lots of boats from Necky, Wilderness Systems, Dagger, and Perception and still haven’t decided yet. Just for grins, I tried on a Dagger whitewater kayak. Those things are crazy. You can do just about anything in them except go in a straight line. And they definitely aren’t meant to accomodate someone with big, bulging 27 inch thighs. Ouch. I think I’ll stick to touring kayaks.

I’ll probably spend a couple more weekends renting different boats here in Dallas before making my selection. I’ll have to make room in the garage amidst all of the bicycles. If only she would give up her side of the garage. I need more room for my hobbies. 🙂