WP Commit Digest for June 17 – 27

Last week’s changes are completely unexciting from a user perspective. We did some very satisfying yet very unglamorous code refactoring. We had lots of duplication of the post creation and editing code. The create and edit code paths in the admin backend were largely the same and were not reused by the XMLRPC methods. So, in some cases, code was repeated in four places. No longer. All of the create and edit code for both XMLRPC and the admin UI is now consolidated in one function. post.php is over 400 lines slimmer and much easier to read now that all of that backend code has been moved out.

Aside from that, a few small bugs reported in the tracker were fixed. We need to have a bug scrub day sometime soon.

The hackers list has been quite active. User permissions, the admin UI, and development planning are popular topics.

And before I forget: Standard Disclaimer for Development Builds

4 thoughts on “WP Commit Digest for June 17 – 27

  1. Wow. This is excellent. Please continue doing this once in a while (even once a month of so would still be enough.) This kind of “peek into the development” thing is really nice. Much appreciation!

  2. Thanks for the summary. Much easier to parse it all this way, then when I see it all piece-by-piece (and sometimes whizzing by) on the list.

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