WP Commit Digest for June 28 – July 4

Last week we opened up the 1.5 branch for work on the security release. That burned lots of time. A security release involves frantic activity within a very compressed schedule. What a drain.

With the security release out of the way, changes once again focused on bug fixing and code cleanups. More refactoring of backend stuff was performed. This resulted in the following new functions:

  • wp_insert_category()
  • wp_update_category()
  • wp_delete_category()
  • wp_delete_user()

We also added some API that allows plugins to register activation and deactivation hooks: register_activation_hook(), register_deactivation_hook().

On the hackers list, I proposed a role/capabilities permissions model and provided a sample implementation to help further the user permissions discussion.

We now have a team of bug gardeners triaging bugs and getting the bug tracker in order. They added keywords to a bunch of bugs and created a few handy reports: Commit Candidates, Attention: Developers, and 2nd Opinion.

I notice that Codex has been very active lately. Perhaps the documentation team can give us Documentation Digest.

One thought on “WP Commit Digest for June 28 – July 4

  1. I think having a Documentation Digest would definately help, it’s hard to keep up with all the new additions. But as always updates and the new info have definately helped!

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