WP Commit Digest for July 5 – 12

This week’s changes feature more code cleanup and refactoring as well as the first bits of the Role/Capability system. On the cleanup front, we’re moving more stuff into functions and trying to localize database access further. Matt reworked some of the user DB access as well as some of the post and draft retrievals. While Matt tended to that, Owen and I refined the Role/Capability design and implementation to the point where we felt comfortable unleashing it upon the repository. The latest changes from Owen are now in trunk and come complete with some UI with which to twiddle the roles. Owen also wrote a nice overview of the role/capability based permission system.

That’s it for the past week. Next week will probably bring more code refactoring, continued work on the roles system, and maybe a new feature that Owen has in the works. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “WP Commit Digest for July 5 – 12

  1. I’ve been extremely excited to watch the discussion about roles and capabilities unfold on the mailing list. I am really excited about the development. Keep up the great work!

  2. I really enjoy reading your commit digests, and I think the new roles system looks very nice. Thanks for them, and please keep up all of the good work!

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