WP Commit Digest for July 12 – 22

There’s nothing too exciting about last week’s changes. The capabilities system is coming along nicely. We have migrated most of the code base from the old user level system over to capabilities. There are still some bugs and missing pieces, but overall the development tree is quite usable. This site is running the latest tree right now. Matt and some of the other devs and testers are also actively dogfooding the subversion repository.

Commits from me are going to be a little sparse for the next week or two. I’m driving, hiking, and drinking my way through Northern California.

2 thoughts on “WP Commit Digest for July 12 – 22

  1. Surely that isn’t a reason to not write code Ryan?rnrnOhh I can see it now, blind rotten drunk PHP, haha. I’ve written an assignment once whilst a uni well under the influence and woke up the next day going “err, what was I thinking?” — hehe.rnrnHope you have a good break and plenty of fun.rn:D

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