Want Wine with That?

This is a friends and family post. Prepare to be bored silly if you’re not my mother.

I’ve never drank so much wine as I have since moving to Sonoma County. It’s everywhere. Take a long lunch, go wine tasting. Hop in the car Saturday afternoon, go wine tasting. Jump on the bike Sunday afternoon, go wine tasting. Go to the grocery for some bread and milk and somehow come back with an armload of Sonoma’s finest.

I’m getting settled in here on the east side of Petaluma. I got a new futon today. Buying a futon makes me feel like I’m back in college. Weird. Assembling the futon frame was a bit of a challenge since the instructions were in Japanese. I had to work off of the badly drawn diagram. But, it’s together and doesn’t seem to be in danger of falling apart and dumping me on the floor. I now have something to sit on in this place.

Broadband should be hooked up within the next few days. I’ll be able to get back to work on WordPress soon. I’m reliant on the coffee shop down the street for my internet connectivity. Luckily, the wifi reaches into the pub next door. I can chill in there with a beer and wonderfully greasy pub food once the coffee shop closes.

For those who have my mobile number, I’ll have a new number in the 707 area code starting tomorrow. I had to switch providers since I had very weak signal in my neighborhood. I got zero bars in my apartment unless I was standing in front of the kitchen window with the shades pulled up. Since I was switching, I got one of those Moto RAZRs just for grins. It’s free after rebate so I thought I would give it a try. I haven’t had a Moto phone since the days of the early StarTAC flippers (about ten years ago, damn).

I have a huge patio here at the apartment with a view of the hills to the east. Next on the homemaking agenda is procuring some patio furniture. While the weather is good the patio will be my dining room.

The place is starting to feel like home. Once I get the rest of my things shipped over here, it willl be quite cozy. I’m going to have a hard time fitting all of the books in here though. Every wall is going to be lined. People keep telling me to store them or sell them. Never! I’m not at home if I’m not surrounded by books. So what if I’ve already read them all.

That’s all for now. Time for another evening stroll before heading home. Best wishes to all.

One thought on “Want Wine with That?

  1. LOL. I hear you about the books. Mine are all in storage till I get my new place sorted out and its driving me nuts not having them nearby. Oh well, I’ve started to assemble another stockpile of books to add to the others.

    If you start getting into the wine tasting take a trip down to Santa Barbara County and go to Solvang. About 2 miles east of town starts their wine trail with about 30 wineries in a 20 mile radius.

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