Back in the Saddle

I’m establishing a new routine and getting settled in.  I’m biking to and from work, which is only 2.67 miles from home.  That’s not even enough distance to get warmed up, especially when the temperature in the morning is around 50 degrees.   On the way in, I usually add a few loops to bring the mileage up to 10 miles or so.  Adding in a twenty mile excursion during lunch gets the distance for the day up to something respectable.

Yesterday, I went back to the gym for the first time in two weeks.  Since I’ve been teaching aerobics classes for years, I haven’t had to pay for a gym membership.  I’m not going to teach out here, at least not for awhile, so I had to cough up some bucks.  Damn, prices are getting steep.  I made the most of it with a three hour workout that felt really good.  I was feeling some soreness this morning but a laidback bike ride worked the kinks out.

I’ll be back in Dallas in a couple weeks to pack up the rest of my stuff and have it shipped.  Shipping will cost around $2500.  Not too bad actually for loading, unloading, and transport.  I’m looking forward to having my office chair and desks over here.  Coding on the floor is not very comfy.

I’m back to work on WordPress.  I’m revamping the import system.  We have the basic UI laid out and the infrastructure is in place.  I’m currently cleaning up the existing importers and hooking them into the new infrastructure.  This revamp is overdue and will be a big improvement over 1.5.x.

I’ve also been kicking the tires over at  Looking good.