Commit This

Over a month has passed since my last confession. Quite a few commits have flown by in that time.

As noted by Matt and Owen, we got WYSIWYG. I’m using it right now to write this post. The text box is even resizable.

There is now an “Import” tab in the admin. All of the importers are available under this tab and integrate into the admin UI. There is still much work to do on this, but importing will be much easier in 1.6.

The permalink interface received some love. Radio buttons allow you to select from some common permalink structures or define your own. This small improvement will hopefully make the often inscrutable permalinks a little easier to manage.

The login page has a “Remeber Me” checkbox, at last. If the checkbox is unchecked your cookie expires with the session. Ooh ahh.

The theme selector now displays screenshots of the themes. If screenshot.png (or .jpg, etc.) is included in a theme’s stylesheet directory, that screenshot is displayed in the theme selector.

We have per-user options that are managed via an Options->Personal tab in the admin UI. Currently, there is but one lonely option that allows you to opt out of the whole WYSIWYG editing experience if that harshes your blogging style.

Update notices fade from a “hey notice me” color into a more harmonious color. Everything is better with a nice fade.

Themes can now provide their own plugin. If a functions.php file resides in the active theme’s template directory, that file is loaded after plugins are loaded. This allows themes to provide their own custom functions and create their own options page in the admin UI. Envelope pushing themes such as K2 will benefit from this.

Categories can be created on the fly from the post writing page. Oh yeah. You asked for on-the-fly cats, and here they are.

We have the usual assortment of bugfixes, of course, as well as AJAX. Did we mention AJAX? We got that.

14 thoughts on “Commit This

  1. I install themes casually, but plug-ins I test more, can we have a red triangle or some alert at a glance on the themes list to see which ones have plug-ins, if any. That way if someone has any trouble, we can disable them to see if it goes away.

    Also, at least in the admin, I need to record which theme people are using when they leave a comment, that way if they say “I can’t see the text” or some such, I’m more cluefull.


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