WP Commit Digest for August 31 – September 7

The latest round of commits includes a couple of nice admin UI changes as well as the usual bug fixes and code cleanups.

First we have some cool AJAX list manipulation courtesy of Michael Adams. When you delete a post, comment, or category from a list, the entry fades from the list and disappears. No page reload is necessary, making deletes much quicker. If you have a wordpress.com blog you can see this in action. Go delete something.

Matt cleaned up the profile page, making it much easier to read. The layout of the profile page always bothered me a bit. I’m glad to see it get some love.

After a long discussion on the hackers list about posting being too slow due to ping and enclosure processing, Owen resolved the matter by queueing up ping processing for later handling so that post creation doesn’t have to wait around for pings to finish. Creating new posts that need to ping should be much quicker now.

I applied a bunch of patches folks had kindly submitted and updated xmlrpc.php to use the latest capabilities methods. Nothing exciting. Hey, someone has to do the not-at-all-sexy, no-AJAX-involved dirty work.

That’s all for this week.

7 thoughts on “WP Commit Digest for August 31 – September 7

  1. “Hey, someone has to do the not-at-all-sexy, no-AJAX-involved dirty work.”

    For the record, I found the patch to the XML-RPC code very attractive.

  2. Seems that the ajax-delete-something stuff is not working on MSIE (6). I have the feeling that most fancy things in WP.com dashboard require FF to work, that’s a thing, but do not degrade well with IE, that’s a problem.

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