WP Commit Digest for September 8 – 16

Last week was primarily bugfix week. I went through Trac clearing out bug reports and applying patches.

The big commit of the week was Andy’s One-click blogger importer. Very nice. While he was working on Blogger, I tackled the RSS importer. As we rework the importers, we’re finding places where we need to add API to make creating and manipulating posts, categories, authors, and other elements easier. Importers should not have to make direct queries or do any heavy lifting. As a result of the importer rework, we have introduced about a dozen new API calls and eliminated quite a bit of messy duplication. The user system has especially benefitted. Check out this changeset. Consolidating and deleting code feels good.

There is still a lot of importer work to do. I would like to be able to point the RSS importer at a feed URI and have it slurp everything into WP, for example. We’re getting there.

That’s it for this week.

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