Earning Your Empty Calories

Before you binge on that box of chocolates, you must make yourself earn it. I had a powerful junk food craving tonight, so I forced myself to do the following in order to earn those empty calories.

  • Walk four miles to Trader Joe’s with an empty backpack
  • Buy junk food and wine
  • Load up the back pack
  • Trudge the pack full of empty but heavy calories four miles home
  • Sit down, eat junk food, wash it down with cheap wine
  • Think about those eight miles I walked so that I don’t feel so guilty
  • Resolve not to eat junk food again for awhile
  • Blog about it

Before you pick up those chocolates, ask yourself what you did to earn them. Nothing, right? Okay, go for a walk and come back.

For those of you who have earned a little junk food binge this week, I’ll share this bit of information. Trader Joe’s chocolate truffles are cheap, awesome, and powerfully addictive. I both love and curse the person who introduced me to them (Hi Meeta). As you eat them, feel free to use my name as an expletive.

4 thoughts on “Earning Your Empty Calories

  1. I don’t know if you are referring to dark or milk chocolate truffles, but the combination of dark chocolate and red wine is simply the best. If you haven’t tried this particular brand, providing your TJ’s carries it, may I suggest you try the “Unique Origin Varietal Chocolates.” My TJ’s carries 2 kinds of Unique Origin, make sure to select the Ocumare.

  2. Don’t you find it ironic, that mankind has progressed to a point where we HAVE TO engage in physical exertion in order NOT to feel guilty about the modern conveniences of society (a.k.a. chocolate and cheap wine). What was the point of this journey of mankind if we can’t enjoy chocolate guilt free?
    Just a random thought. I’m off to lunch.

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