The Manolo uses the WordPress

Manolo’s Shoe Blog is one of my favorite blogs. In this interview, we learn that the Manolo loves the shoes, the capitalism, and the WordPress.

The Manolo uses the WordPress for the Shoeblog, and the Blogger for most of the other blogs, but only because he is too lazy to move the other blogs to the far superior WordPress application. This it is all he uses.

2 thoughts on “The Manolo uses the WordPress

  1. I think I had a chance meeting with Manolo Bundolo years ago in NYC. In front of the CBS building. He wouldn’t remember me though. Father Sarducchi was there in his maroon Cardinal’s robe and black mortar hat or tam. Late 60s early 70s. NYC is a great place when you have some extra loot to blow. ‘3s TG

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