A Flash in the Pan

Well, there hasn’t been much blogging going on here lately, but I have been cooking. I’ve tried six recipes from A Flash in the Pan, and all turned out well. I also tried a few from Rachael Ray’s Comfort Foods that I enjoyed. I’m going to try to step up to some Vietnamese and Indian cooking soon. A friend took me shopping for the ingredients for Phở, and we made it from scratch. We even made the beef stock from scratch. I think I’ll stick to bun when I’m cooking at home though. That’s much easier.

2 thoughts on “A Flash in the Pan

  1. Cooking always manages to soothe me, no matter how badly my day has gone. I’m actually trying to do more of it, starting this week. Have you ever thought of posting your favourite attempts? We could almost do an online recipe swap!

  2. I found that my new hobby is cooking. My friends now call me Suzy Homemaker, because I cook every night. It just makes me feel so good, especially when it turns out right and with a few glasses of wine. Cooking just allows me to release my stresses. Thanks for posting some of your recipe books, I’ll have to check those out!

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