Dell D810 and Ubuntu

My new Dell Latitude D810 laptop arrived earlier this week. I got the WUXGA display that can do 1920 x 1200. Very nice. I installed Ubuntu on it and now have a quite powerful on-the-go desktop. The Ubuntu install was flawless. It allowed me to resize the Windows partition and install into the freed space. It recognized all hardware and set the resolution for the high density, widescreen display appropriately. My Logitech V500 mouse also worked without a hitch. Now that I’m getting used to the touch scroll panel on the V500, I’m quite comfortable with my new mobile rig. I stuff the entire setup in an Arc’Teryx Blade 21 and head to my favorite coffee shops and cafes for some highly productive WP development.

7 thoughts on “Dell D810 and Ubuntu

  1. If you have the Intel wireless chipset, you’ll be fine. If you have the Broadcom a/b/g chipset, you’ll have to get ndiswrapper and tinker. I made sure to get the Intel, and the Ubuntu install had no problem with it.

  2. I have several dell computers and am in the market for a new laptop but was not sure if I was going to buy another Dell or not till I read post Ubunto installs on the Dell with no problem. Thanks for the info!

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