WordPress 2.0 Release Candidates

As has been mentioned elsewhere, WordPress 2.0 is in beta. We’ve kept it low key so far, but we’re getting a pretty good testing turn out nonetheless. Several little bugs have been shaken out since the first beta. If you are feeling adventurous, try it and share your beta experience in the Beta Forum or on the Testers List. As always with unreleased versions, don’t use it on your live site just yet. If you do, make a backup and be ready to rollback.

To keep track of bug fixes going into 2.0, watch the timeline. We’re fixing bugs pretty briskly and releasing new 2.0 release candidates as we go.

12 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0 Release Candidates

  1. I’ve read at Owen’s (link) that Akismet is built-in. That’s great. I hope there will be a direct link from dashboard’s index, in sidebar “Latest activity” for example, pointing out the number of comments to moderate !

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  3. I’m very impressed with the new version. Snappy, application-like and easy on the eyes, too.

    Oh, and the new features are just astonishing.

    Congratulations to everyone involved. I’m looking forward to the official release!

  4. I have been looking for this but haven’t found anything clear on this respect.

    What, if any, is the backward compatibility plan for WP 2.0? I’m not demanding anything but would still like to know if themes, plug-ins and calls to functions will keep on working for the new version-

    I’m not too worried about most of these but I do call WP from within posts from time to time and all those posts would be broken if plug-ins and function calls were.


  5. I thought it was going to be 1.6 as well, but that’s what the link story says, hope it really is a major upgrade though, the WordPress.com site is really just 1.5 with a few changes.

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