SciFi and Soul Food

I’m back home in Texas for the holidays and am enjoying some of my favorite comfort foods. Bone-in ribeyes, BBQ brisket, biscuits and gravy, cabrito al horno, carnitas in mole sauce, fried okra, corn bread, pecan pie, iced tea, and on and on. When not eating, I’m kicking back with some SciFi novels. I’m almost done with Elizabeth Moon’s Familias Regnant Series. The first three books are collected in Heris Serrano and make for a nice read.

WordPress is not being neglected during my trip home. I’m knocking off bugs each day and getting things ready for 2.0. I think it’s looking pretty good.

Happy holidays.

3 thoughts on “SciFi and Soul Food

  1. I am building a news magazine and using WordPress to organize each section. That means I have done several installs and each time I saw the blogroll and replaced it with my own. I just discovered it was for real, and so I thought I would visit all the blogs on this last round of installs.

    When I read about your food, I just had to leave a comment. I have vivid and fond memories of Texas food, as my husband and I were TDY in Fort Worth when we were first married, and about twenty years after that my son went to college in San Angelo. It is the best food in the US.

    And Texas is an absolutely wonderful place to be. Sadly, my son married a girl from New England and went there, so I don’t get out to Texas anymore.

  2. Man you making me hungry! My family migrated here to Utah from Louisana. My family was not effected by the Hurricane. They are from Baton Rouge. But my prayers are with you. Don’t forget the GUMBO! And a glass of SWEET tea.

    Take care


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