2.0.1 in the Works

We’re fixing bugs in preparation for a 2.0.1 maintenance release. Watch the roadmap for bugfix activity. If you want to make sure your “favorite” 2.0 bug is fixed, join the testers list and download a nightly build.

20 thoughts on “2.0.1 in the Works

  1. Kind of ridiculous, really. These bug fixes should have been tested, fixed and resolved before such a major release.

    2.0. In Dec.
    2.0.1 in Jan
    2.0.2 in Feb? and so forth and so on?

    ::eye roll::


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  3. Hey Ryan,

    I just noticed that a lot of the comments above (including mine) are fairly negative. That’s got to be a little challenging to deal with sometimes.

    I’d like to say that a) the upgrade process was amazingly easy, and very smooth, b) the software is incredible, and c) you’ve made blogging fun again with Akismet killilng all the comment spam.

    Thanks for making WordPress and making it freely available.


  4. I haven’t updated to 2.0 yet, with my midterms I wouldn’t have the time to spend an afternoon bugfixing if something were to go wrong.
    But I am waiting for 2.0.1 to make the jump!

    Indeed, many comments above are pretty negative. I find that a shame. You probably spend a lot of time on this project, and the overall result is superb. Yes, there are a few glitches every once and a while, but then again, the software is FREE!

    And in my opinion, if you don’t pay for it, you don’t have the right to complain. You of course can give constructive criticism, but often it’s just downright “bitching”. Which is a shame.


  5. WP-bug ?
    If you use the “theme options” on the default theme, you loose every possibility to ever use a “self”-made header-image (replacing the kubrickheader.jpg). i’m totally stranded because of this. i’d looove to have a “revert”-button, to get my own image back again. those “theme options” of the default theme seem to need a work-over. hope that gets fixed in 2.0.1


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