It's Totally Automattic

Word is out that Toni is joining us at Automattic. We’ve got a good team at Automattic, and we’re working on some cool and fun stuff. WordPress is our big focus, of course. The vast majority of my time is spent working directly on the open source blog tool we all know and love. For the past several weeks, that involved fixing bugs and getting 2.0 out the door. Currently, I’m fixing bugs in preparation for 2.0.1. I also help out with, Akismet, and other projects, but my focus right now is on WordPress itself. So, I get paid to work full time on WP. Pretty cool.

4 thoughts on “It's Totally Automattic

  1. I think it’s pretty cool too. I hope that you guys also emphasize more work on Akismet. It’s a great anti-spam system and is used not only on WP (I think I heard some discussion on Mambo/Joomla board on using its API as an anti-spam system). I’m not using Akismet anymore after the system spew out quite some false positive.

  2. Well I made the move from Spam Karma 2 to Askimet a couple of days ago and it has been purring along without any complaint. I was skeptical about moving since SK2 was doing such a good job, but so far so good with Askimet.

    I’m glad you have a job you enjoy, too few people do.

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