My new 60CSX is quite nice. My old eTrex Vista died a few months ago after several years of service. At the time, I decided to hold off buying a new GPSr and wait for the next generation units instead. The updated Garmin line just came out, and I promptly ordered mine from GPSNOW so that I could get back to geocaching. The 60CSX has the SiRF III chipset that offers a very quick time-to-first-fix and good sensitivity that maintains lock even under canopy and amongst buildings. The TTFF and lock-on are dramatically improved over my old Vista. Throw in microSD card support, and you have a pretty nice package. The 64MB card that came with the unit was sufficient to hold map, auto-routing, and waypoint information for the greater bay area and the northern coast. I hit several caches and benchmarks in Sonoma and Marin on my maiden outing and came away quite pleased. It also survived the inevitable drop to the concrete that all expensive gadgets promptly go through without a scratch. I’ll keep putting it through the paces and hopefully not regret the price tag after I get to know it better.

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