2.0.1 – and beyond

WordPress 2.0.1 is now available. We fixed a lot of bugs and decided to push out a .0.1 release to get those fixes into the hands of those that needed them. With that out of the way, we can move on to some new feature development. Matt and I have been scratching our heads over what new goodies to put into the next release, and we came up with several nice possibilites. Watch the hackers list as we start tossing around ideas. We’ve also got a few cool plugins in the works. Exciting times in the WP-verse, as always.

9 thoughts on “2.0.1 – and beyond

  1. Not so much for 2.next but since the core developers are the same, how about spending time on MU? It’s still self-identified as experimental/rough edged with no documentation (at least none that I could find linked or in the forums a couple of weeks ago). I think one of the most common uses is for a single person who has several blogs or administers one of her own plus several (on the same server/domain filesystem) for family and friends. With the experience gained from wordpress.com and edublogs I think this should be doable.

  2. I’d personally like to see better performance, and static caching (for when digg or slashdot come to town). wp-cache is ok, but doesn’t work to well with many themes (any plugin makes it explode).

    Also wouldn’t mind seeing a better looking interface for the admin. It’s usable, but doesn’t look quite as good design wise as typepad, mt, etc. IMHO a little design love would go a long way.

    That’s really all I want (or know I want). Of course suprises are always good.

  3. Oh, got one more request: an update API for plugins. So that a plugin could specify the location of an xml file containing info about updates. One click, and get the update. Could also display compatibility info.

  4. I won’t even pretend to understand the technical side of what you people have been doing, but I’m really enjoying blogging. My blog is very simple, and probably similar to what many technically inhibited people can do.
    Thank you for your work

  5. Robert Accettura: Have you even tried WP 2.x? The admin area has been updated (and it looks a lot better now) and caching is to static files is now built in…

  6. I thought I’d left the devs at WordPress know that in a few weeks, the Jamie Lynn Spears website will be using WordPress 2.0.1 for the Diary and News sections. Never thought I would find a use for this great piece of software in the entertainment world 🙂

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