TinyMCE 2.0.5 and Spell Check

TinyMCE 2.0.5, including the new spell checker, is in WP trunk. We auditioned this on WordPress.com for awhile and received lots of positive feedback. Over the history of WordPress, the number one most requested feature is WYSIWYG editing. We added that in 2.0 when we incorporated TinyMCE. With that down, the number one request became spell checking. A spell checker is a make or break feature for many people. So, here it is.

(This post not spell checked because I am a hard core. I dare you to find a single mispeling on this page.)

17 thoughts on “TinyMCE 2.0.5 and Spell Check

  1. I’m not keen on the WYSIWYG editor either (b/c it strips out custom HTML tags before posting), but I’d love to see the spell check with the plain text editor too 🙂

  2. Could you give breif instructions on how to update this. I know that we should replace the wp-includes/js/tinymce files…but I am not sure what the “mce205sc.diff ” file is for or what to do with it. Thanks

  3. Hi,
    I uploaded all of the files but now I only get the text editor. Even though I set ‘use rich text editor’ to true in my user profile.

    Do I need to change or install anything?

  4. Hmm, should’ve know (strip tags):

  5. Hi there.

    I’d like to point out a spelling mistake on your page. In the comment by Cliff, they ask that you ‘give breif instructions’.

    It should be ‘brief’. You didn’t say that -you- had to write the stuff, but you did dare people to find mistakes on the page!

    Yeah! I win! I’m so lame! Oh wait… That last one isn’t so good…

  6. if you want plug and play spell checking you may want to test my plugin (Ajax spell checker), too… it integrates into the tinymce toolbar, uses the ajax library from WP, works with pspell/aspell/google, seems to handle well multibyte encodings (tested with Romanian/UTF-8). Support for source editing is coming soon (I have yet to find a simple way of adding a button to the QuickTags toolbar)

  7. You may also want to try this , uses the ajax library from WP 2.0 (sack), works with pspell/aspell/google, seems to handle multibyte charsets well, and it’s plug and play (mod_rewrite voodoo :D)

  8. I tried to install this update, and now what I can only see is the simple text editor. What I’m doing wrong?

  9. Totally broke the WSYWYG editor when I followed instructions. I upload the old tinymce and it is still broken. Hey, I know I’m clueless but some help would be nice.

  10. What instructions? To install this you need to get the entire development version of WP from the subversion repository. This is not a plugin or a 2.0.x add-on. Sorry.

  11. I realize it wasn’t a plugin.
    I went here http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2598 as hyperlinked above. Followed these instructions –
    Fixes many bugs, moves editor code into single function, adds spellcheck.

    Patch consists of a small diff and a big tarball. Remove ALL of wp-includes/js/tinymce before untarring. This tarball has everything that is needed.

    If I thought needed to get the latest nightlies I would have. I suppose I need to reinstall my WP now.

  12. For those who don’t have Aspell, Pspell, or any of the other open source engines, try checking out Googiespell which works much like the Gmail spellcheck: to download, just go to http://amix.dk/projects/?page_id=3. I don’t personally use WordPress, but I’d be greatly surprised if this app couldn’t be configured to work without much effort.

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