Romancing the Database

Domas Mituzas exposes our database queries and their not-so-white under-garments. Optimizing our queries is long overdue. Although several of the performance issues Domas points out are already fixed in either 2.0 or the ongoing 2.1 development, most are still lingering and need to be addressed. After having a nice chat with Domas on IRC, we opened a bug to track the implementation of his suggestions. Even the small changes we've committed so far provide notable performance improvements. Combined with the performance work already underway, these suggestions result in WP performing faster at a lower system load. More bits served with less work. Thanks Domas.

16 thoughts on “Romancing the Database

  1. It was honestly heartwarming to watch the back-and-forth between Domas and Matt regarding this stuff in #wordpress. Every couple of minutes Domas had another suggestion for speeding things up and Matt was right there, checking things out and making sure it didn’t break WP’s BC. (though I get the impression MySQL

  2. The above comment was chewed by an unencoded < should end with:
    (though I get the impression MySQL < 4 will no longer be supported as of WP2.1… ’bout time! 🙂

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