She Never Spoke Spanish to Me

Saints and sinners all agree
Spanish is a lovin’ tongue
But she never spoke Spanish to me

The translation work at is going well. I present to you the Dashboard in Spanish (mostly).

The Dashboard in Spanish

In addition to the option that sets the language to use for the front page of your blog, each user will be able to choose the language they want to use for the admin interface. If your blog is Spanish but you want to use English in the admin interface, you can do that. Each user gets to choose the language they want to see in the admin.

Select Admin Interface Language

This isn’t yet live on but should be soon. If you use and want to help with translation, head over to and translate a few strings. This will help other users as well as the WordPress and bbPress communities in general.

Update: Spanish is now active. Not all themes have been translated, but the admin area has good coverage.  If you don’t want your admin to display in Spanish, visit your profile and change the Interface Language (Idioma de la interface).

9 thoughts on “She Never Spoke Spanish to Me

  1. mm this IS live right now :S

    BTW, there are a few strings that i wasnt able to translate… since i dont get the context. However its an excellent implementation 🙂

  2. I’m working on adding context to the strings that need it.

    WPCOM contains all strings in WP, WPMU, and bbPress plus some WPCOM specific strings. Since WPCOM is a superset of the others, you could take its catalog and use it for a WP, WPMU, or bbPress installation if you don’t mind the catalog being a bit bloated with some strings you don’t need. I’m working on exporting separate catalogs for WP, WPMU, and bbPress from the WPCOM catalog.

  3. All themes will be translated, eventually. Making all of them translation ready is tedious work that will take a little more time.

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