WordCamp: What's New in 2.1

WordCamp is tomorrow, and I'm on the hook for the "What's New in 2.1" discussion. Here's my quick-and-dirty list of new stuff.

  • Spellchecker in TinyMCE.
  • Exporter.
  • Pages can be private and draft.
  • Pages have their own caps.
  • A Page can be used as the front page.
  • Latest posts can be moved off the front page and on to another page.
  • Pseudo-cron is used for future posting. No more NOW().
  • Link manager overhauled.
  • Links can have subcategories.
  • New login screen.
  • More AJAX to avoid page reloads.
  • Blog privacy. Turn off pinging and tell robots to go away.
  • User paging and searching.
  • WP_Error class.
  • Include files reorganized.
  • Lots of new API.
  • Script loader.

Anything else?

46 thoughts on “WordCamp: What's New in 2.1

  1. no admin drop down panel from ozh? thats something i’ve been desperately waiting for too 🙂

    2.1-alpha feels a tad faster too. great work

  2. Is it possible to have and maintain multiple blogs on the same wordpress installation as a feature too? I would love that because it simplifies the process, and I can have a photoblog along with my normal blog..

  3. This sounds great! But how about the Shuttle beautification project? You’re mentioning a new login screen, does that mean that the Shuttle project isn’t finished yet?

    And regarding the spellchecker: How will that work for non-english blogs? Will there be an option somewhere to choose another language?

  4. Ah well, appear to be too late to chime in. Anyhow, was going to suggest (1) auto-save draft every x seconds/minutes functionality for post writing interface.

    (2)A much more extensible role system along with private posting would be aces, assigning roles to groups of individuals like friends, family, colleagues and having choices of visibility to the groups and individuals within the groups per post.

    (3)Easier to use image management would be swell as would (4)official work started on implementing native support for openid and other identity protocols, which are too young yet + non-standardized but it doesn’t hurt to start planning.

    (***)And *extensive* documentation would be a huge upgrade for this version. 😉

    Overboard as usual, but think of it as future considerations unless the new API will allow for plugins to take care of most of these. 🙂 Number 1 is the feature that I’ve been dying for though.

    Let me know if I can be of any help and hope you’re having a great time!


  5. Still no ability to make a post a sticky? What about full cut and paste ability in the TinyMCE? The thumbnail generator needs more options for size and especially quality and there should be an easier way to insert photos into posts and have text wrap around it. Right now the only way to insert text from other sources like Word etc…. and avoid all kinds of horrors requires you to move it to Notepad first then re-cut and paste it into WordPress, cannot this be resolved? Regardless of what others say, I would like to see the ability to change font size and colors in TinyMCE and improve upon what I find to be its buggy, often problematic performance that takes up time correcting. I like WordPress a lot but just as the fact that a 2.1 is coming out indicates, there is always room for improvement 🙂

  6. Really like to see shuttle in 2.1… the interface damn need a overlook, the code files under the wp-admin is a hell to fix gave it a week and i just lost the feeling to make it happen. Because i had to make it all happen again if there is a new release, so this is my biggest hope for wordpress.

  7. I hope that the link page changes will include speeding up the Links Updated (or whatever) image, which slows the whole process down as it waits for an exclamation mark to appear.

  8. Does 2.1 fix the Trackback/Pingback bugs that many have encountered? If you’re not familiar with this problem, ever since upgrading to 2.0.x, many of us cannot send and/or receive trackbacks and pingbacks. Help!

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