Deutsch, Español, and Português

We have enabled three translations here at — de, es, and pt. If you use one of those languages on your blog, send feedback on any problems you notice. Since we here behind the scenes don’t speak every language there is, we need help from you to correct incorrect translations. If you don’t like how something is translated, visit to propose a new translation. Here’s how:

  • Visit
  • Login using your username and password
  • Select your preferred language from the dropdown list and click “Set language”
  • Click on “All Items” to see a list of the original English strings and their translations
  • Using your browser’s search facility, search for the string you want to correct. (I’ll add a built-in search sometime soon.)
  • Once you find the string, click the “Edit” link for that string
  • Review the translation history of the string. To add a new translation, click “Add a new translation”
  • Type in a new translation and click “Add Translation”
  • To make your new translation the active translation, click “Approve”
  • You’re done

Your translation will take affect the next time I update the language catalogs. I’m doing the update manually during the testing period, so you might have to wait a little while to see the new translation on your blog. When translating strings, make sure you are using the correct locale. If you are translating Brazilian Portugese, select Português do Brasil rather than Português. Also, please note that not all themes are i18n ready. Making all themes translatable will take a little longer, but we’ll get there. Until then, you will still see English strings with some themes.

7 thoughts on “Deutsch, Español, and Português

  1. I love that we have Esperanto. How should people propose languages we don’t include? What if someone wants to do a 133tsp3ak translation?

  2. Hi,

    nice to see you’re doing something out of the feedback… One idea would be to have a permanent link in the dashboard (for the translated langs) for the translation page with this kind of information. I can translate it to portuguese, if needed.

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