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You're probably expecting a horror story given Dell's typically bad press, but I have a story with a happy ending. My D810 had problems powering up as of late. Sometimes it just refused to turn back on after being shutdown. After walking through the troubleshooting guides on Dell's support site, I sent them a support request describing the problem and the various remedies I had attempted. An hour later they replied saying that they needed to replace the motherboard and would arrange to have DHL come to my house to retrieve the laptop. The next day, DHL arrived to pack up the laptop and spirit it away. Four business days later my laptop is back in my hands and running nicely. I received email and phone notifications every step of the way as the laptop traveled from DHL to Dell, to the Dell technician, back to DHL, and finally to me. Props to Dell for fixing the problem promptly and without hassle.

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  1. Well it’s nice to hear not everyone has problems with Dell. I just bought a new LCD monitor and was surprised when it came two days later. I think Dell gets a lot of hate sometimes, but really they are quite an efficient machine of a company.

  2. hmm..
    the only branded computer i have is a fujitsu laptop, but at the company i work for, they have Dell everything. and as far as support goes, it has been nothing but excellent. they either walk you through what needs to be done, or send a technician over to replace the faulty part.

    while praises may not be sung of the reliability of Dell hardware, i am surprised that their customer support has bad press where you live.

    i live in Singapore, by the way, so things may be different here.

  3. I have had a similar problem, I bought a dell laptop from a morron that I use to work with. He said it was fried and didn’t work. The mother board was bad. So I called dell and in a day they had a tech at my house with a new board. Replaced it right there on spot, didn’t cost me a penny. I only paid $50.

    Dell is #1 in my book.

    The tech drove from middle Iowa to middle South Dakota about a 9 hour drive.

  4. You guys were lucky. As most people I have not been so lucky. Both their customer service and their technical support is an absolute catastophe. As with any company there are good people and less dedicated employees. I guess the people listed here happend to come across the better Dell people. My own experience and the information I have read on the net and the experiences my friends and family have had seem to point in one direction: Dell is a mismanaged company and a bad choice to do business with. After years of being a happy Dell customer I´m leaving and selling my Dell stock too. Sorry I waited so long. Now, since everybody knows what´s going at Dell the stock price has gone south.

  5. We bought an all in one business printer/fax/scanner from Dell about 90 days ago. We started using the product and had no issues until we were about to scan something for our business. For whatever reason it would not scan….and we spent time soon after that trying to figure it out on our own what the problem was. We decided to call Dell customer service (we paif for the UPGRADED SERVICE Package) which is supposed to be better than their “general” service package and we spend a few hours on the phone trying different things to determine the problem. Their “expert technicians” could not resolve the problem so they sent us a new fax/printer/scanner. We spent about 6-8 hours on the phone with Dell “technical support” trying to get the printer set up and the scanner working. This was after getting disconnected and hung up on about 5 different times…being transferred to about 5 different departments with “technicians” trying to resolve the problem. This went on for 2 days. Still no results…they want to send me another computer so we can go through the same process all over again. I would say in teh time it took me to get my issues resolved with them i could have paid for the printer with all the time and money i lost. Then i finally spoke to a so called “supervisor”. They were going to escalate the issue and either get me a different printer that actually worked or return my money (i was so fed up at this point that i just wanted my money back and i would go buy something somewhere else where i could get answers). I was promised this would occur within 24 hours or before NOON the next day. We are now at almost 72 hours later. NO printer. no fax. No scanner. Our business is suffering and i still have not received a call back. I had the managers extension or “team’s” extension and i have left 2-3 messages on their voicemail. And still have not gotten a response. I dont know who to call or where to turn. I just want my money back or a new printer of similar quality that works…but i am still yet to get a call. I am so frustrated that i want to report Dell customer service to the better business bureau. NEVER EVER EVER buy a DELL or buy their service plan…especially their “upgraded” plan. Now i am running my business with no printer/fax/or scanner…and i have still yet heard from a manager. Please help!

  6. I brought a computor from dell almost 2 years ago. We are considered to be a preffered coustomer and have excellent credit. Dell has charged us several late fees by sending the bill at various times of the month. My wife has tried to make stable arrangements with a overseas office and made acceptable payday dates. No American service office has been offered for contact however Dell calls us many times demanding payment. This office is overseas and has difficulty speaking English? I am upset will pay off Dell and am considering taking action in court as soon as I find who to sue. I just want to do the right thing and guess why my wife have good credit.

  7. Dell makes a great computer, but try to call customer service or tech support if you speak English. Forget it!! They are in India and most barely speak and barely understand the English language. I was just on the phone with customer service for over three hours and had to finally hang up because they just don’t understand our language! Love Dell computers, hate their support!

  8. I have had nothing but trouble from Dell’s customer service. I can’t tell you the hours I have wasted just getting someone to make an informed decision about anything.
    I would agree with mary, love the computer, absolutely hate the service.
    What happened to customer service??? They used to be great!!!

  9. I agree Dell’s customer service is terriable. My husband at the time bought a computer in my name. He told me he paid for it with money in his account. He made payments online for 2 yrs and I didn’t know the account existed. When we divorced he gave the computer to me and quit paying on it. A year later a collection agency called with a years worth of late fees expecting me to pay for it. Dell decided it is a civil matter. Dell’s customer service was rude. I feel they should have had more information before letting a person apply for a loan on line. They do not have my signature, but I am still responsible for this account. They didn’t even send the bill to the correct address, and they expect me to pay for all the late fees. I am a victim of identity theft and they don’t care, just as long as they get their money.

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