N 37° 9' 30.96" W 121° 46' 54.36"

These photos were taken while standing at N 37° 9′ 30.96″ W 121° 46′ 54.36″. This is along the Bald Peak Trail in Calero County Park at about 1600 feet. Hiking to this point from the Calero trailhead takes you through 1000 feet of elevation change. This is a nice little uphill trek that provides a lovely view of Santa Clara Valley to the North and the Santa Cruz Mountains to the South and West once you get to the top.

img_1216.jpg Facing North

img_1217.jpg Facing Northeast

img_1218.jpg Facing East

img_1219.jpg Facing Southeast

img_1220.jpg Facing South

img_1221.jpg Facing Southwest

img_1222.jpg Facing West

img_1223.jpg Facing Northwest

4 thoughts on “N 37° 9' 30.96" W 121° 46' 54.36"

  1. Looks gorgeous! Julia and I never made it to that park. Are favorite park has been Rancho San Antonio, though it is quite busy.

    I would be surprised if Flickr does not have geotagging before the end of the year. There are at least a few other sites mashing geotagging with Flickr.

  2. Holy Smokes…… NOTHING!!!!! And take that from someone who lives in an area with lots of hills, valleys, streams, beautiful views. I sure hope you’re not out of gas here- turn around and go home. QUICKLY.

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