Subaru Aux-In Kit

The 2005 and 2006 Subarus are notorius for not providing an auxiliary stereo input and making it impossible to replace the factory stereo. On my 2005 Outback 2.5 XT the stereo is integrated with the climate controls. If you remove the stereo, you remove the AC. No good. So I’m stuck with a factory stereo that is lacking an auxiliary input. To add an aux-in you must tap into the CD line levels. This requires some engineering and the use of a CD that plays silence. There are some hacks floating around various Subaru forums describing how to do this yourself, but an enterprising fellow packaged it up into a kit complete with an aux-in board, the necessary ribbon cable, a silent CD, patch cords, ground loop interrupt, and complete instructions. I just installed the Aux-in Pro Kit from Jazzy Engineering and now I can hook my DAP up to my car stero without having to use those useless FM tuners. Installation requires removing lots of screws and taking your center console and stereo apart, but the whole process wasn’t too bad. Just keep track of those screws. If you have a 2005/2006 Subaru and want an aux-in, check it out.

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