10Mbps Download Speed

Barry and I just noticed that we are consistently getting over 10Mbps download speeds through Comcast here in the Bay Area. Anyone else seeing a speed bump today? It’s gone as high as 15Mbps on some test runs. Upload speed is hanging around 700kbps for me.

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  1. Whoa! I just got 8Mbps, and that’s on a over WiFi with 5 other computers sharing the connection. On a computer with a wired connection, I’m getting 10Mbps. My uploads are hovering around 350kbps however, so it doesn’t look like the bumped the upload speed.

  2. Hey, woah, I got 1Mbps, upload is merely 20kbps, that obviously sucks and what it’s worse I pay more for net then you do trust me, but hey, times are changing and who knows what future brings!? By the way I’m from Croatia, the land of most expensive net in entire cosmos. It’s 17:38 and I’ll be going out for a beer and I won’t even worry about my net speed hehe 🙂

  3. Let me guess, Verizon FIOS is available in your area? Seriously, I heard that Comcast is only rolling out power boost in areas where they actually have competition.

    I have Comcast in NJ and I typically get around 4Mbps on downloads and around 320kbps on uploads.

  4. Oh yeah, comcast has really bumped up. I get about 15MBps down and around 950kbps up. They are doing it to compete w/ FIOS. If they can do 15Mbps down, why stop there? How bout 30 down and 10 up? Now that would be awesome. Which bay area are you referring to? I am on the west coast of Florida in Sarasota.

  5. Lol..that’s quite good to hear. My broadband line here gives only about 20kbps download. 🙁 Wish my speed were atleast 100kbps….

  6. Hi, came across your 10mpbs blog post from Google…

    I’m in Marietta, GA, US, and am getting 10.5mpbs down, but only 384kbps up. No FiOS down here; Comcast’s only competitor is BellSouth, which charges you $65.00 just to get 6mpbs, the speed Comcast offers for $42.95 (with cable TV). I love the speed boost, but my upstream is still too paltry to host anything out of the house…

  7. I have Fios in the meadowlands area in North Jersey, and My speeds surpass 21mbps download and 3.5mbps upload.

    Fios is the way to go.

  8. Don’t know what to say with this. That must be damn fast. I have a college internet connection and that gives me hardly 30kbps download. The upload speed is pathetic. I am on my way to take up cable line as soon as I passout from my college end of this year though!

  9. Charter customer here, 10mbps down, 1 mbps up. See 10650 kbps down consistently, and 995 up consistently.

    Lowest i have ever gotten is 9000 someodd down

    Upstream stayed same though :S

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