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Here’s a quick rundown of new stuff that has gone into trunk for WP 2.2.

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  1. It would be pretty cool if the XML-RPC functionality was utilized with plugins to check for the latest version. Folks that publish the plugin could post some custom fields to their post with the latest versions.

    Thanks! This is good info.

  2. I have a request: can we give wp_get_archives the ability to sort archives post-by-post per category or per month? That would be schnawsome. It would eliminate the necessity of a plugin. Where can I make this request?

  3. I, too, am confused about including both jQuery and prototype. They are extremely similar libraries — it doesn’t make any sense to include them both. Not to mention obvious (and noted above) conflicts.

    Unless there is something we don’t know.

  4. WP internals might move over to jQuery. We would still provide prototype because many themes and plugins use it and because we already shipped it with 2.1. We can look at using jQuery.noConflict() if needed.

    Regardless of which library we use for WP internals, there is much demand to include both of these popular libraries. Bundling them allows plugins and themes to easily load them with the script loader and avoid multiple includes and version conflicts. However, since the library we decide to use internally will already be loaded for most admin pages, using that same library for plugin and theme development will save loading an extra library. We won’t try to force a library though. Out-of-the-box WP will only load the one it uses internally, but plugin authors can do as they wish.

  5. Thanks for the list here. Are there any special things we would need to know about using these libraries? ie. WordPress specific?

    Also how will the Prototype/JQuery class be handled? An option in the menu?

    Sorry for the noobish questions… I’ve been wanting to play with the login and other systems using the libraries, but wanted a clue on any WordPress specific coding needed. Some basic calls for floating divs and such haven’t worked.

  6. Ryan, sounds good. The plugin authors for 2.2 are going to need to be very careful about the conflict between the two libraries (excepting the work around you mention .noConflict()).

    I’m quite happy to hear the internal is moving to jQuery, that’s my platform of choice. *Glee*. Mmmm…chainable functions…..

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