Reef Aquarium

Here are some shots of my 150 gallon reef aquarium custom-built by Nemo Marine Systems.


This is an island design that is visible from all four sides. The overflow and dry channel are in the center. There are about 200 pounds of Fiji Pukani fused porites live rock in the tank. Corals are a mix of SPS, LPS, zoas, and a few softies. A green bubble tip anemone hosts a pair of tomato clowns. There are about ten fish total, which is probably as many as I will stock in this tank. For you reef geeks, here are some specs.

7 thoughts on “Reef Aquarium

  1. Wow Ryan. That is quite a beautiful tank.

    I had to get out of the reef hobby though. Mainly because it’s so addictive. I knew I had a problem when the quote from Oceanic for a custom built tank was into 5 figures. Granted it was 5000 gallons, but it reminded me that I needed to hit the lottery first. 😀

    Your tank looks wonderful, and it’s tough to beat a pair of clowns in an anemone.

    Man, I’m getting that itch again. Uh oh, wallet!

  2. Ryan,

    Awesome tank man, I have a question can you give me a link and where you get this ballast Hamilton T5HO 220 Watt Electronic Ballast . That is the ballast I’m looking for wiring 2X54W T5’s and 1X110W VHO to the same ballast which it will be 218W and won’t be overdriving the bulbs like an icecap 430 ballast would.


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