Funny little company seeks Web Workin' Wranglers

Automattic is looking to hire a couple of folks to do some code and server wrangling. If hired, you’ll get to hang out in cafes with a laptop covered in Web 2.0 stickers and call yourself a Web Worker all while getting paid. Yeah, pretty cool. We’ll even provide the stickers. And did I mention the nifty WP t-shirts?

We’ve described our culture a bit to give you an idea of what you would be getting into. We’re completely virtual and give people a lot of room to do their work, so you very much have to be self-motivated. We’re engineers, not managers, so you have to manage your day-to-day routine yourself with minimal hand-holding.

We’re a mellow bunch, and our mothers think we’re pretty smart. If you think Automattic sounds like your style, drop us your info.

4 thoughts on “Funny little company seeks Web Workin' Wranglers

  1. Ironically, the only sticker I’ve put on anything are WP stickers. I had one on my Blackberry until I lost it. I still have one holding up quite nicely on my laptop bag.

    I don’t even have a b5media sticker anywhere.

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