In the Trunk

Here’s another update on the latest in WordPress development. The following features and enhancements were recently committed to trunk.

Trac is hopping. We have more people contributing to core WP development than ever. 2.2 is shaping up very nicely.

25 thoughts on “In the Trunk

  1. Thanks for the update and yes eagerly waiting for 2.2. I have started to love this little software which is so easy to handle and you are up in a few minutes. Who said that web would be so easy. Thanks for the effort and yes, the PHPMailer integration would be of great help to WP users.

  2. Hopefully, with the advent of 2.2, we won’t have to start rushing around searching for compatable themes again. That was a right royal pain with 2.1

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  4. Great post Ryan! 🙂 Just curious though, since I’m running WP 2.2-bleeding on both of my blogs, and

    And that all these new “feed features” were implemented into Trunk, what are all the new feed links I could add to my blog’s? So that users can subscribe to them, if they wanted…

    At the moment, I have these two on the front page:

    But, is there any others I could maybe add per category? Or, any to use for ALL categories, or, what-not? Just was curious.. Again, great post!

  5. Thank you Lorelle! You’re a doll!! I love all of your blog posts! I should have looked over there first, sigh. I’ll do that from now on though! Thanks again! :D:)

  6. +1 for jQuery conversion, a great library.

    Regarding phpMailer, it seems that is no longer in active development. I would consider swiftmailer, a fully OOP library with is actively maintained and is feature-richer.

  7. swiftmailer looks nice, but it has different packages for php4 and php5. We’d have to include both copies, which is kinda lame.

  8. The php5 version takes advantage of some of the new OOP features, the use of the try/catch construct for instance. However, the php4 version is fully functional and works in both environments, and is also actively maintained.

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