WordPress Bug Hunt: Live, Fresh Triage

We’re gearing up for another Bug Hunt this Wednesday at 0100 UTC.  For those of you in the western hemisphere, that is Tuesday (tomorrow) night.  The hunt lasts for 24 hours.  Users, developers, testers, and lurkers are welcome to join in the fun on the #wordpress-bugs channel.  We’re going to find, fix, and close as many bugs as we can.  There will be punch and pie.

7 thoughts on “WordPress Bug Hunt: Live, Fresh Triage

  1. Good news! I’ve helped out on KDE bug hunts before, but this will be a first time for WordPress… Should be fun seeing how this pans out.

    Is this a bring-your-own punch & pie event?

  2. Being that the last time I did any coding, I was using MSDOS 6.22 and Q[uick]Basic, I’m gonna have to sit this one out, but on behalf of all of us mere users, I’d just like to say thanks for trying to make our installations just a little more secure.

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