One Billion Bulbs

I decided to join the One Billion Bulbs CFL-awareness campaign after reading about it on Instapundit. I’ve been replacing my incandescents with the N:Vision bulbs that Popular Mechanics recently gave a good review.  I think they give good light, and at 14 watts versus 60 they save a few bucks on the electric bill.  Now I need to find some CFLs with a candelabra base so I can finish replacing bulbs.  The local hardware stores didn’t have any.

2 thoughts on “One Billion Bulbs

  1. I didn’t know they even made candelabra base CFLs. I just ordered some.

    I’m also in the process of getting my house converted. One other upside: CFLs put out less heat, which saves on my A/C-related energy bill. Double bonus.

    Only wish the three-way ones weren’t so expensive… but I guess I can just suck it up and buy a 150W-equiv and deal with the 3 clicks to turn it off.

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